Oil on cardboard, 95x70 cm, 1977 /// According to the artist's biography, there were flat stones on the porch of his house and during the spring, summer, and autumn moths flower vases were placed on them. Local flower shop saleswoman in evenings filled vases with blooming flowers that would no longer be suitable for sale in the next day. Thus, in his still life's with flowers, the artist has included the depiction of natural light. Daisies bouquets are arranged in traditional ceramic jugs, to which depiction the artist has paid special attention emphasizing the materiality of the surface of clay and decorative painting. The background is designed neutral with highlighting the effects of light and shades. The shapes are modeled with a brushstrokes, the colour layer of the petals is thickened which emphasize the texture of the painting. The artist's signature and dating on the lower right side of the painting.
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Lot number: 2021/0016
Artist: Edgars Vinters
Estimated price: 540
Condition: 8

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